Nicola & Anthony - Woodborough Hall

My first wedding of 2017, Nicola and Anthony got married at Woodborough Hall just outside of Nottingham. The day before it never stopped raining, along with the day after, but on Saturday the 4th of March we were blessed with wall to wall sunshine to greet our newlyweds. Fantastic.

Having never shot at Woodborough Hall before I arrived nice and early to take a walk around the grounds, scoping out some potential spots for couple photos later in the day. Getting lost several times in the puzzle of rooms and corridors I found my way to bridal prep where Nicola was based for the morning. I rarely use lights at weddings but I am a fan of trying to control light,  during bridal prep I always try to make use of window light, it's lovely, bright, and very flattering. If we get our bride to be nice and close to this light it highlights her whilst darkening the background directing all of the viewers focus away from the things we don't want to look at onto the things we do. Everything seemed to fall into place this morning and some of the makeup shots are my favourite ever.

But there is obviously more to a wedding than window lights and makeup! much more. Heading into the ceremony Nicola and Anthony read amazing personal vows to each other, more great snippets for the highlight film. The more personal and unique something is the more I love using it.

After the ceremony we went outside for confetti, group shots, and a quick couple shoot before heading back indoors to get some detail shots of the wedding breakfast room. I love detail shots, the little things like a table plan, table names, place settings and name tags go much further than you would think in separating your wedding from another. If the day is rushed, if the speeches are before the wedding breakfast for example, I might not have time to grab these shots, which is a shame. That wasn't an issue here as Nicola had scheduled in a time slot for us to  have the room to ourselves, amazing! Her and Anthony had spent hours and hours putting the room together so for them it was really important to commit this to video, which I was more than happy to do! I always prioritise people over 'things' but it's nice when I can do both. 

We had four great speeches, I've said before I love it when ladies speak at weddings, they offer a different perspective that's always nice to hear. Both Nicola and her mum spoke along with Anthony and Nicola's Grandad. After a short break the couple cut their awesomely themed travel cake and then danced the night away. All in all an excellent day and a fantastic way to start my busiest year yet.

You can check out some screen grabs and Nicola and Anthony's highlight film below. I worked alongside Peter Majdan photography and you can see a selection of his photographs from the day by clicking HERE. He was a pleasure to work with as we both had an easy going and relaxed style.