A Village Hall Wedding /// Libby & Nathan

Not many couples get married in February, there isn’t much light, it gets dark early, quite often it’s cold and raining! Libby & Nathan are proof that all that doesn’t matter to have a fantastic wedding and great film.

My day started off as usual visiting the ladies for bridal prep, I got slightly distracted getting shots of the family dog but then proceeded to film people soon enough. With a church wedding I always have to leave bridal prep slightly earlier to go and get set up all of my cameras, I’ll miss the final details of prep if things run behind but filming the ceremony always takes president it is, after all, why we’re all here!

The vicar at the church was really accommodating and let me position myself where I needed to, always a relief as in the past I’ve arrived at churches and been told not to film anything which I of course * cough * went along with * cough *

Ceremony done we went to a local village hall for the reception, the weather was super cold but Libby & Nathan braved the wind to get some great couple shots and formal group pictures, if the couple are keen I’m always keen to get outside and get some shots.

What I loved about this wedding was Libby & Nathan’s personalities shone through, faced with freezing cold weather it didn’t effect their enjoyment of their wedding day and that shows through in their film.