The Pumping House, Ollerton Wedding Video /// Janine & Mehdi

Janine & Mehdi’s wedding perfectly sums up everything I love about making wedding films. The visuals are important, yes, but all of the elements that are completely out of my control are even more so.

So what am I on about!? Well I’m of the firm belief that venues, favours, table decorations, even dresses don’t make weddings films great, people do. They help create wonderful imagery, absolutely, but they don’t convey emotion the same way people do. I love capturing amazing images of all the details but my main focus is always people. My belief is that in 10, 20, 30+ years time you won’t look back on your wedding video and pay extra attention to how your table numbers are written down, you’ll look back at your interactions with friends and family, how young you all looked, the babies that are now all grown up, and some relatives that might not be with us anymore. Want to remember those amazing words your husband or wife said to you during the speeches? Well you can do that to, word for word.

These moments are what makes wedding videography so special, the things and the stuff are always second fiddle to you, your partner, and your family and friends. This can’t be faked by me and is completely out of my control.

At Janine & Mehdi’s wedding all of these moments were just spot on. it was laughing and smiling all day and the speeches were so damn good. Not many brides do a speech but Janine absolutely nailed it! Did we get the most epic sunset in the world? We didn’t. But these things fade away when the people on screen obviously have such an amazing visible connection with each other and that, to me, is what makes a great wedding film.