Curradine Barns Wedding Video /// Rachel & Luke

I was excited to drive to Curradine Barns in the West Midlands for Rachel and Luke’s wedding, as it was my first time at the venue. I always have a google beforehand, to get a feel for the place, check where I might be able to send the drone up, scout any locations for the couple shoot, and see if we might be able to grab an epic sunset. And this one looked like it had a lot to offer. On this morning, however, it looked like rain was on the way. Muddy wheat fields and a white bridal gown don’t always mix!

One thing I wasn’t thinking about was timings. Both the bride and groom were getting ready in the same place as each other, the ceremony, and the reception, meaning that I could film both of their preparations in the morning, just nipping across the courtyard when I had a moment, and didn’t need to worry about racing to another venue. Talk about convenience.

As luck would have it, the rain blew over, and the Curradine Barns in Worcester was blessed with an afternoon of summer sun and a gorgeous golden hour couple shoot. It was a day of big smiles, lots of laughs, and some epic chanting,

“Rachel is a Wilkes! Rachel is a Wilkes! Rachel is a Wilkes!” 

It’s not uncommon during a wedding, and especially during the editing process, to get snippets of the day stuck in your head, but Rachel and Luke’s wedding took ear-worms to the next level. It’s not every day that a bride comes with her own cheerleaders, and it was the first time I’d had to knock down the volume on one of my microphones. Good work, team!

The photographer Paul, a pleasure to work with all through the day, rounded off the day with a fairy light photoshoot in the gazebo, my assistant grabbing a few buckets of water to boost the reflections on the stone flags. We made the most of this fantastic backdrop again as we headed straight into a sparkler tunnel.

One thing I really liked about Curradine Barns was that there were lots of different locations to choose from both in and around the venue. There were pockets of garden around the barns, wheat fields across the road, the gazebo, trees and flowers and bushes, as well as open spaces for those sunset shots. It’s awesome when everyone is up for making the most of what the venue has to offer, and I for one think our bit of extra effort paid off.

Watch Rachel and Luke’s Curradine Barns wedding video below.


Venue: Curradine Barns

Photographer: Paul Willetts