Sophie & Fraser: Hogarths Hotel

When Sophie first got in touch with me she said the greatest thing that fills me with confidence, "I love your work!" which is lovely. There isn't anything more assuring, I feel really confident that I can do my thing and she'll love the results.

The whole day was at Hogarths Hotel, they even braved the cold and got married outside! In December! But the weather was great, guests were told to wear big coats and it was great. One thing I love about civil ceremonies is the opportunity to have personal vows, there can be so much story and emotion packed into a few lines, they always sound amazing in films.

With the winter light fading fast after the ceremony, we took the couple away for a few quick shots in the gorgeous golden winter light. Got them back in time for group shots, their wedding breakfast, and a whole host of great speeches. After the usual formalities of cake cutting and dancing guests were treated to an amazing firework display, quite possibly the best I've filmed at a wedding - huge explosions that filled up the frame, an amazing way to finish of their day and their film.

You can watch Sophie & Fraser's wedding films below.