Libby & Joe - Arkwright Rooms

Libby & Joe's wedding was my final wedding of 2016, and boy it was amazing. Months before the Wedding I met the couple in the mother of the bride's cafe in central Nottingham, right next door to the camera shop I'm on first name terms with all of the staff. I swear pound signs appear in their eyes when I walk in, I'm ashamed to admit how much money I've spend there!

Anyway, back to our meeting, It's always great to meet couples before the big day. We chatted about the wedding, the plans they had, colours & themes, looked at their friends wedding video. When it came to the subject of their own video Libby said she's happy for me to do my thing, she's seen my portfolio and that was why she picked me. That was really really nice to hear. Wedding videography isn't a cut, copy, and paste profession, everyone has their own style and way of doing things. When a bride says something to me like "we really like your style, you just do your thing" it really makes me feel comfortable and I know the day is going to be great. I've turned down weddings before because It felt like I wasn't the best match for the couple.

Onto the big day. I met Libby at a Salon in Nottingham in the morning before heading to a hotel in Nottingham for bridal prep. The suite felt quite small with all of the bridal party, myself, and Dan Lambourne Photography, but we all got cosy and got some great shots. Mirrors are always great ways for me to get some nice looking creative shots, I love when rooms have one or two to shoot into. Shortly after the world biggest bouquet got delivered I raced off to the Arkwright Rooms and got set up for the ceremony.

The Arkwright rooms were great, really spacious and full of natural light. Some vows and some nervous giggles from the bride later Libby and Joe were married and I got my favourite confetti shot ever! Chatting to Dan, the photographer, we decided to walk backwards down the aisle to cover the whole shot. I stuck my camera on my gimbal and in slow motion and the result is a 30 second unbroken shot of the happiest newlyweds getting drenched in confetti with some of Joe's beautiful works underneath in the highlight film. Definitely one of my favourite shots from any of my weddings, ever!

Some formal photographs, some nice little couple shots, four great speeches, and we were off into the evening celebrations. After getting capturing the first dance, the cutting of the cake, and enough dancing shots to make a music video that was that, the end of my time at Libby & Joe's wedding, and the end of my 2016. What a wedding to finish on.

2016 was my busiest year for weddings by a country mile and I'd like to thank each couple that entrusted me to capture their wedding day. 2017 is set to be even busier and I can't wait to get started. I'll get going in March and won't stop until December! Bring it on.

You can check out Libby & Joe's highlight film below.