Katie & Darrell

Katie & Darrell's wedding was, at the time, the furthest I'd ever travelled to film a wedding. Was it worth it? Definitely!

I'd been warned by several people that Dorking turned into a parking nightmare during weekends so I made sure to arrive early morning and get parked up nice and close to the church, walking the half a mile to bridal prep. This decision paid dividends when I was walking back to the church just after midday about twice the speed of the traffic. I love it when a plan comes together!

Katie & Darrell clearly had a lot of friends, a two floor church was packed to the rafters for a great friendly & fun ceremony.  After the ceremony we transitioned to the amazing Gilding Barn, rustic and secluded with sprawling fields and long grass, an excellent backdrop for a couple shoot. I made use my new camera gimbal to get some amazing gliding shots of the couple walking through the fields. I did have soggy feet for the rest of the day from running through the long grass to get the shots I wanted but it was totally worth it! This was the first wedding I'd attended with a bouncy castle, also the first wedding with a super slow motion camera... a match made in heaven! Little snippets of super slow motion are soooooo good. Definitely something that you could overuse but I can't wait to use it at more weddings in the future.

If I had to describe Katie & Darrell's wedding in one word I'd say FUN! Laughs and jokes were heard all throughout the day, from bridal prep right through until the speeches & first dance and I think it really shows in their wedding film, you can watch below...

I worked the day with the very awesome Light Painters Photography, they were brilliant. You can check out there website and images from the day HERE.