Anna & Mark - The Belfry

May was turning out to be a little quieter than my manic April but I relished the opportunity to sit in front of my computer and plow through my backlog of editing. Just a week before the Date Anna inquired about getting me booked in, luckily I had the date free. I love it when a plan comes together. Only a quick Drive from Nottingham Anna & Mark chose to host their wedding at The Belfry Hotel In Sutton Coldfield.

After some nattering away in bridal prep and a lovely ceremony we grouped outside in the gorgeous sunshine for group shots and confetti, then we were ushered around the front of the hotel for a surprise. I'd been let on to this by some of the staff in the morning that a vehicular surprise would be happening, but not knowing every specific detail I opted to put my camera on my newest piece of equipment my DJI Ronin. This allows you to move with your camera quickly but the footage stay perfectly smooth, It's used to great affect in couple and group shots as you can watch in their highlight film. So Anna was handed a box, with a mixture of shock and disbelief she unwraps a Porsche key! In the same shot I could pan around and capture the entire scene in one smooth cinematic shot, something impossible without the Ronin. Very helpful indeed!

Later in the day we had the speeches, which in a first for me was a maid of honor speech, it was really great. Hearing some tails and jokes from a best friend was a really great insight to the bride and comes highly recommended from me as I'm always looking for these personal moments and words to put into my highlight films.

I was instructed that the dogs were a must to get into the films so after getting a few shots I opted for their sugar counterparts in the form of the cake toppers, very good indeed! The day was rounded off after the first dance with a quick couple shoot outside in the evening light, a lovely way to round off the day.

And congratulations to Anna & Mark!