Wendy & Steve - Mapperely Farm

Wendy & Steve's Wedding was both incredible fun and a challenge, with our lovely British weather being the cause of that one.  Wendy first got in touch with me earlier in the year and immediately said she loved my work, it's always a great start when brides have watched and like my work, it gets me really excited to make a film of their own.

Wendy & Steve chose to hold their wedding at Mapperely Farm, a lovely working farm that has since diversified to host weddings. You can get married in the barn and then have use of their fields and woodland to host your reception. An excellent option for those who want a wedding in the great outdoors. 

The weather during the morning was excellent, better than advertised, Bridal prep and the ceremony went by in a flash. I chose to drive the half a mile between the ceremony and reception, get all of my gear across in one trip and beat the crowds to get some shots of the teepee when it was nice and empty.  In the two minutes it took for me to drive down with my assistant the heavens opened and DID NOT STOP all day! We all packed into the teepee and carried on regardless!

The greatest thing about Wendy and Steve's wedding was everything for completely personal, nothing was cut, copy, and paste. The shoes, the dress, table names and decorations, I was really impressed with the effort they had put in to decorate everything!

Back to the rain, just before the speeches the rain died down slightly so we took the opportunity to run outside and grab some couple shots in the woods. As we were doing this the rain started again, feeling much worse now we were out in it! Wendy and Steve were game for getting wet so who was I to complain! Couple shoots are a great addition, especially if you're after a highlight film. Though the weather stopped us getting loads we got enough to sprinkle in the film and make our little expedition completely worth the effort. 

Moving back inside the weather had gotten so bad when Steve got up to start the speeches nobody could hear a word he was saying over the sound of rain smashing against the tent. We relocated to the stage where the band had set up their PA system and we were on! Our set up time was one or two minutes, certainly not stress free but we got it done.  The rest of the day went by smoothly, less effected by the weather and we finished off with a video diary room with some rather inebriated friends and family, top stuff.

Check out some screen shots and their highlight film below.