So what does it feel like to be filmed at your wedding?

Many couples approach wedding videography with a certain amount of trepidation. Whilst wedding photography has been common place for a very long time, wedding videography is relatively new. Common comments I've heard often consist of “I’d feel really uncomfortable on camera”, “I’d always be aware I’m on camera”, “I can’t act”, “I’d look stupid” and so on...

Everyone has had a photo taken of them, you know what  to expect, right? But how should you act when you're on film? Well, you don't act, and that's the whole point. Acting is difficult, there is a good reason professionals are paid to do it. If a videographer thrust their camera at you in close proximity and gave you some direction along the lines of “ok, now tell your partner you love them, and then kiss them, go!” You’d freeze, and if you did as requested the moment would be forced and wouldn’t be real, which, in my opinion, goes against the entire reason we’re there.

Wedding videography, is more about hanging back, staying out of the way, and capturing the moments as they unfold naturally, think of a wedding videographer actually as a documentary filmmaker. If in feeback a couple says ‘we barely noticed you’ that’s a great compliment. If I’m not in a couples consciousness it means they’re not worrying about me and they can concentrate on the task at hand, getting married. All of the reactions, moments, laughs, and tears, will be genuine.

Now that’s not to say you won’t see me all day, or that I might not suggest things. There might be the occasional moment that’s too good not to miss, a spot of light here, an artistic shot there, but these are usually in bridal prep or a couple shoot, where a few seconds to capture a shot can make a great deal of difference and won't interfere with you, your guests, or your enjoyment of the day.

Take my most recent shoot for example, Ali & Geoff had the fantastic setting of Farleigh golf course, with a gorgeous sunset happening right outside, should we miss the opportunity? With a spare 15 minutes myself and the photographers captured some fantastic, and romantic, scenes that greatly added to the film (and made a fantastic ending!), then we were back in time for the speeches and I reverted to setting myself back, just enough to stay out of the way and let the events fold out naturally.

So if you’re sitting on the fence about wedding videography, please don’t let yourself be put off, I generally find that people, understandably, have a nervousness about the prospect because they don’t know what it will be like, have a certain amount of fear that they will feel uneasy, uncomfortable, and that it will show on the film. Please rest assured it’s our, my, job to put you at ease, make you feel comfortable and create a unique wedding film that you can treasure forever. A wedding film is a different take on your day, you can remember the speeches, word for word, relive your vows, and share a highlight of your day with your family and friends. If it’s something you yourself are thinking about, take the dive, you won’t regret it.